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How to design Quizzes for different assessment needs?

When it comes to digital strategies for quiz design, it's crucial to adapt assessments to various learning outcomes and activities. Different learning needs call for different types of assessments, including both formative and summative. Here's the brief introduction of two types of assessment:

Formative Assessment:

Formative assessment focuses on evaluating how well learners can apply the knowledge and information they have acquired to solve problems or complete tasks within a short timeframe, typically ranging from half a day to two days.

Learners engage in tasks that demand swift responses and provide access to resources to explore solutions. Formative assessments can take on various formats, including take-home quizzes, essay-style assessments, micro-teaching sessions, debates, interviews (oral exams with verbal responses to questions) conducted via a Learning Management System (LMS), group or individual presentations, and discussion groups (for oral assessments), among others.

Summative Assessment:

Summative assessment, on the other hand, aims to measure whether learners meet specific standards, provide data for accreditation purposes, compare learners' performance with a predetermined population, and assess the breadth and depth of learning achievements.

This type of assessment is typically conducted as a closed-book assessment within a limited time frame. It often employs selected-response formats, such as midterm and final written exams, proctored assessments via tools like Zoom and Respondus, randomized problem statements, quizzes, timed problem questions, lab practicals, and more.

Steps to Create a Quiz:

  1. In your course, enable editing and choose "Quiz" from the activity chooser.

  2. Provide a name and, if necessary, a description for the quiz.

  3. Customize other settings as needed. By default, students can retake the quiz, move freely between questions, and there's no time limit. Scores and feedback display upon quiz completion.

  4. Confirm by selecting "Save and Display."

Steps to Create/Add Questions for a Quiz:

  1. Go to "Edit Quiz."

  2. Select "Add" and then select "+ a new question" (or choose from the question bank if you've already created questions, or select "+ a random question" to add a question randomly picked from a category).

  3. Choose the question type you want to add and then "Add" at the bottom.

  4. Create your question. More information about question types can be found at

  5. Select "Save Changes" and repeat the process for as many questions as required.

  6. Finally, adjust the maximum grade for your quiz to align with the number of questions.

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 4:17 PM