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About the Project

Welcome to a new Faculty Development experience.

Current. Customized. Contextualized. Certification. Connected.

As the world of health professions education moves towards outcomes-based (or competency-based) education, we believe that faculty development in these fields should also change. Join us in this new digital ecosystem where we will seek to provide you with a modern twist on faculty development that is built for a post-pandemic world.


We will employ leading edge techniques from learning science to help you continue your journey through your faculty life. With partners in the Office of Continuing Professional Development, Office of Faculty Affairs, and McMaster Education Research, Innovation, and Theory (MERIT) unit, we will be harnessing the amazing talents of our health professions education researchers and developers to bring you up to date content and new approaches to learning (e.g. microcredentialing/badging, competency- & outcomes-based approaches)that has never been done in faculty development.


You will be able to customize your faculty development to suit your needs as an individual or as a team. We will harness the power of engaging in new ways to help you foster a community of practice around all the things that you will need to make you successful through your career.


Since Fac.Dev modules (which we call QUESTs) will be built around learning outcomes, your job will be to engage in actually translating new knowledge into action. Our content will seek to help you link new concepts to your workplace - asking you to apply and contextualize content so that it is immediately relevant to you. The Fac.Dev team knows that the best way to know whether you've mastered a new concept or skill will be to demonstrate it in your own context... and we have built this entire system around this idea.


We know it can feel like a slog sometimes to engage in new development. That's why we're making sure that you receive regular feedback about your progress. Along a QUEST, you will receive immediate feedback about completion of key tasks... Just like you're a character truly on a quest within a bigger adventure, you will be given badges of honour along the way. When you complete a set of tasks (a.k.a. a QUEST), you will receive a certificate of completion.


Within the Fac.Dev ecosystem, you will be able to engage in conversations and community with the facilitators and other learners within the system. You will also be able to connect with our broader community online via social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) and our podcast (MacPFD Spark).