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Knowledge Check

The Knowledge Check activity in FacDev is designed to assess learners' comprehension of the course content. This assessment method is essential for evaluating how well learners have grasped the material. It can be combined with resource exploration activities, offering a holistic learning experience.

One feature of the Knowledge Check activity is the incorporation of auto feedback. Learners who submit their work through the system receive immediate feedback, allowing them to identify areas where they may need improvement and reinforcing their understanding. This timely feedback mechanism is a valuable component in enhancing the learning process and guiding students toward a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. Additionally, instructors have the flexibility to design various types of knowledge checks to suit the specific learning objectives and requirements of the course. 


  1. iQUEST Demo: Knowledge Check: Sample Quiz

Note: Only authentic users logged into Fac.Dev will be able to make submissions. To create a FacDev account, go to the Signup to unlock more features and free courses.

Last modified: Monday, 6 November 2023, 4:08 PM