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How to facilitate learners' self-monitoring with the "Course completion Status" block?

Self-directed learning often involves enabling your learners, especially adult learners, to set their own learning goals and control the tasks at their own learning pace. Self-monitoring is a core strategy in self-directed learning and holds even more significance in today's hybrid learning environment 

The FacDev platform offers a valuable tool for such purpose - the Course Completion Status, which allows learners to check their progress within a course. 

Steps to Add and Edit the Course Completion Status Block:

A. Enable Course Completion Tracking:

  1. Access your course settings by selecting "Options" and choosing "Edit course settings" from the popup panel.

  2. Under the "Completion tracking" section, enable completion tracking and show activity completion conditions.

  3. Select "Save and display".

  4. Choose "Course completion" from the "Options" to activate the conditions you wish to track.

  5. Click "Save Changes" to confirm your settings.

B. Add the "Course Completion Status" Block to the Content Area:

  1. Turn on the editing mode for your course.

  2. Go to the gear icon at the top right corner of the block and select "Add a Block."

  3. Choose the "Course Completion Status" block, and it will be added to the content area.

  4. Learners can select "More Details" to access a detailed progress report.

By following these steps, you can empower your learners to take control of their learning journey and track their progress effectively using the Course Completion Status block. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 3:43 PM