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How to check user authentication with teacher and admin role?

Please follow the steps to verify user accounts if you receive user enquiries about account and course access. 
  1. Visit Participants.
  2. Search for the user's name or email. 
    1. Confirm the user's successful enrollment by locating their information in the Participants page. Ask them to reset password if they cannot access to the platform. Provide the course link for easy navigation. 
    2. Proceed to step 3 if you cannot find any user in the course participants page. 
  3.  Proceed to Enroll users tab on the right-hand side and top of the participant list.
  4. Search for the name or email in the Select users field. 
    1. If the user is found, provide them with course enrollment instruction. DO NOT enroll the user using this method if you have enabled the access key enrollment for the course. Contact for more information if you have question about your enrollment setting.
    2. If user not found, invite the user to sign up on FacDev. In addition, provide them with the instruction of course enrollment. 
By following these steps, you can efficiently authenticate users with teacher and admin roles, troubleshoot access issues, and guide them through the enrollment process.
If you are a system admin, please follow the steps to verify the users.
  1. Select the cog icon on the top right corner, next to your profile. 
  2. Find Site administration from the drop down list. 
  3. Navigate to the User Section: Click on it to expand the options.
  4. Click on Browse list of users. 
  5. Enter search criteria. You can search by name, email address or any other relevant criteria you have. 
  6. After you enter the criteria, press Enter key and the system will display a list of users matching your search criteria. 
  7. Once you've found the user, you can click on their name to access their user profile. From there, you can view and manage various aspects of the user's account as needed, including the course they have registered.

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 May 2024, 10:11 AM